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Open and Affirming at The Dover Church

Open and Affirming at The Dover Church

We are here this morning to talk about what kind of church we have been, what kind of church we are, and what kind of church we are going to be
The words we are using are Open and Affirming
why we're having this conversation grew out of two impeti
the words welcoming community in our church catch phrase - welcoming community of faith and service since 1762 - do we really mean everyone?
our parent denomination United Church of Christ - since 1985 - extravagant, all inclusive without exception welcome - UUA welcoming congregations - means the same thing - about gay, lesbian, etc., because traditionally ostracized and demonized by churches and church folks
Motion raised at Annual Meeting in January to clear this up after 10 years of tabling it
Want to do several things in this sermon
Open and Affirming is our DNA
Open and Affirming has been your experience
Open and Affirming is our deepest held communal conviction and aspiration
What's going to happen?
What will it mean?
How will it live out? What will change?
What's in it for us? Or, and here comes my enthusiasm for this - how much more awesome this is going to make our life together in this church
Open is our congregational heritage on both sides - our DNA
non creedal - no set of beliefs we have to agree to
covenant - agree to promises - to God, to each other
everyone who can make these promises is welcome
truth be told - don't even have to make the promises, just can't try to keep the promise keepers from trying to live into their promises
The Dover Church - 1938 merger of Unitarians and Trinitarians - name has neither taking precedence - openness to others and affirming of difference
covenant makes us Christian, not necessarily Trinitarian - certainly far from Unitarianism now
community church - Walter Kraft - different forms of Protestant worship every week so that everyone would feel welcome
UCC - denomination we are member of - UUA - denomination who helped shape us
both seeking to hear how God is speaking in new ways to the ever evolving context of each new generation
treasure tradition, but not bound by it
both forefront of welcome
first in ordaining people who were not white, heterosexual men: women, African Americans, other ethnicities who left ethnic churches to be with us, gays, lesbians, firsts on all counts
all who feel called by God to Christian ministry who are affirmed by local churches and associations as possessing the gifts necessary for such ministry
Welcoming Community
Deacons discussion and survey - this is both who we are, who we want to be, and who we are trying to be
this is most important to most people
what drew you here, what you found here, what you treasure about here
prioritize warm welcome, acceptance and inclusion over any faith stance
this is our faith stance - the affirming part - spiritual DNA
God of love - big embrace - inclusive embrace
this is the God we worship - this is our theologyzA
with this initiative - we are adopting the position denominational rubric - that is recognized by insiders and outsiders as a church of extravagant welcome to everyone and treasuring everyone, without exception, just as we are
what's going to happen?
conversation opportunities
Council form a writing team - statement - words for what our form of ONA will live and look like - volunteers?
review and ultimately approve by Deacons and Council
present to congregation for discussion, possible revision, ultimate approval
then we will be ONA and it will be in our documents, website, and I'll come back to the rainbow out front in a  moment
What will it mean?
Isn't this who we already are?
If it is, then why can't we just say so? I think so, but we have to agree and then we will say so emphatically so people outside these walls can hear it - maybe in our secret hearts, but there's always talk about "some people who might object"
why emphatic?
Community Christian Church - says everything without saying anything
plenty of Christian Community Churches who are leading the persecution, demeaning and exclusion of non-heterosexual people
the flag or something on our sign, website, publications
not us. not here. no way - We are the YES church
go by Eliot church in South Natick coming from Wellesley - very decorous rainbow
Will we become the gay church?
will people move from Ptown, Northampton, San Francisco to be with us
ONA churches already in Natick, Needham, Wellesley, Holliston, Norwood, Milton, Newton
might come from Medfield or sherborn where no ONA churches
story of Tivin
what church wouldn't want new members who just love the church what welcomed their family and affirmed their kids? Those people are going to make this church fly
Will we start teaching homosexuality?
keep trying to teach Jesus, who never said a word about homosexuality or gender identity, except to lift up outsiders and teach love
Next minister gay or lesbian? Not that I plan to go anywhere soon,  but the odds are yes if you want the best candidate, best preacher, most caring, lot of my most gifted colleagues have different kinds of families from mine
what's going to change in how we do church?
we're going to have be more overtly welcoming of absolutely everyone
good for us reserved, uptight Yankees
traditional model - newbies get with our program - shoe horn them in where needed - see what gifts they bring and watch what new thing God is doing in our midst through them
perfect spiritual remedy for the perfectionism of our community
success to afford a house here
beauty and charisma to be popular here
wealth and connection to join clubs
intelligence and hard work for kids at school
athleticism to make the A team
we can loosen our ties and bodices and just try to breath and be who we really are - no judgments - long way to go on this one, but this will make this agenda item 1
might save some teenagers life and his or her relationship with parents - big cause of suicide, self destructive behavior, alienation, homelessness, broken families
In the end, it all comes down to real people, just like us - trying to live into Jesus' commandment that we love one another without distinction
go out on a limb
who knows someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered?
please rise if you love this person
say his or her name

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter and Failure

Easter Sermon

1.       Traditional Christianity as practiced in the US would have fascinated Jesus
2.     misses 90% of the goodness of the Good News
3.     spend a lot of our time confessing our failures and shortcomings
1.       didn't do this
2.     hadn't done that
3.     don't think this
4.     not loving them
5.     sorry, sorry, sorry - feel like we'll never live up - God's hope for us unattainable - God's love, experience of God's love unattainable
4.     that all may be true, but that's not even close to half the truth
1.       not what we really think and feel
2.     at least it's not what I think and feel
5.     We certainly fall short at our end of the bargain, but it sure looks like God fails too
1.       all the sickness and violence, accidents and tragedy, broken relations and betrayed love, oppression and addiction, falsehood and futility, death
2.     Hitler and the Holocaust, ISIS, Boko Haram
3.     why don't you do something, God? Almighty, my eye!
1.       funny how we want an almighty God for the bad stuff, but not to keep us from doing what we want, thinking what we want
4.     Are you even there?
5.     Big loser
6.     Big faker
7.      all your big promises and this is what we get?
8.     what's good about that? I mean, taken on average?
6.     Easter begins with the truth - mutual failure - humanity failed God and God failed humanity - it didn't seem like it. It was it. we both failed
1.       humanity killed the Messiah - the whole "died for our sins" thing - we probably would have done the same thing in their shoes
2.     the Messiah ...died
7.      Easter started off not going to see the Resurrection - going to see a dead body - failure and futility
1.       who will roll the huge stone away for us? failure - obstacle
2.     just another this is how it always ends...except it wasn't supposed to this time
3.     except it did, again, big faker
8.     If they had found a body there, Jesus' body in the tomb where they saw them place it. Jesus' crucified body - if no Resurrection - total failure and futility, no point to Jesus - plenty of compassionate,moral and ethical teachers in the world
1.       the body in the tomb would have been proof of human and divine failure. would have been conviction of human and divine failure
9.     James Carrol's Christ Actually: The Son of God for a Secular Age
1.       The solidarity of the commonwealth of God is the mutuality of failure forgiven
2.     Easter is mutuality of failure forgiven
3.     no resurrection - no forgiveness - God hadn't forgiven us our failures and we wouldn't forgive God God's failures
10.  In spite of everything - God believes in us. God not staying dead is God's vote of confidence in us  don't stay dead or dying - get up
1.       power of the resurrection which we see all around us
2.     in spite of everything, let's go
3.     in spite of everything, people living in the love of God, living the love of God, loving the love God
11.    In spite of everything, we believe in God
1.       approached, stumbled into, awoken to, just noticed the presence
2.     felt the power, seen the power in others, heard about the power in others
3.     followed the compass
4.     bathed in the comfort
5.     looked to the hope
6.     the very fact that we want to believe is the power of the Resurrection
12.  here is where the truest part of Mark's Resurrectuon story comes
1.       what do the women do when they realize what has happened?
2.     they are terrified and run away
3.     we would have done the same thing
4.     we do the same thing
5.     the question is which way do you run
13.  This all sounds nice, hypothetical, yet another Easter sermon, we don't have run away, we can sort of just move on
14.  Except it's not hypothetical - can't run away, not really
15.  My baby sister died yesterday morning. Turned 45 on March 25. Got a new knee last Wednesday and something went wrong - aneurism maybe
16.  Kirsten's death at 45 looks like a failure, for her, for God
17.   Her life an incredible story of failure and resurrection, over and over life knocked her down and tried to bury her, she got up, she believed
18.  So, every Easter, we ask ourselves hypothetcially, rhetorically, boastfully becasue we're all alive here, "Where, O death is they sting?"
19.  Oh, it's still there. The sting still stings. My heart is broken. I spent yesterday afternoon visiting with my parents to tell them their baby had died.
20. Those of you who have been where I am know - life can feel unreal. The most real times feel the most unreal - like the Easter story
21.  But I know this is not the end. Because Jesus is risen, Kirsten got up all the days of her life. Because Jeu is risen I can get up. Because he got up, we can get up.
the question is which way do we run, away from death and futility, or towards life in the Gallilees of our lives. The Resurrection makes